this is so cool

this is a sample of some of the art work in the Worsley Institute of Blu-Tack Art. the Worsley Institute of Blu-Tack Art... i can't tell if this is a joke site or a real place in England. but real or not, it could be the coolest place ever. how did i stumble upon this find? the story is long and painful, but to deflect your questions elsewhere, let us discuss the therapeutic attributes of Blu-Tak.

my wonderful friends, have you found the glory of wasting a whole day making Blu-Tak creations. i haven't had this much fun since the discovery of lego, or picking scabs. anyways, blutack has been my friend today, and i have so far made some creations that range between an abstract smurf, or a simple pile O blue crap. i'm sure my 9 to 5 friends understand that somedays, it is impossible to draw your attention away from things like blutak, or blogger...

so in 2 months i'm moving out of my house. thank goodness. since i live about 2 hours away from anything... not only that, but i'm moving in for dirt cheap rates... i'm moving in with my elders of my church... another family.. but that's cool... i guess.

so that's my life in a blog.

hope this helps.


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