ok, so i've been looking at my holidays and i'm pretty sure that i can go back. but all i'm looking at is money. i'll be praying about it. although it would be very crazy if i did... anyways, to my blog.

here's my schedule for the next week:

fri: watch live band show.
sat: dance, then basketball, then fellowship.
sun. church, pray,
mon: dance (cleanup from last week) & stretch
tue: dance
wed: rest - stretch
thurs: cell

why show you guys my schedule? because this next week i'll be dancing more than i have danced in the last 8 months. i'm not going to have burn out, cuz i can never dance as much as i did in college. this is more exciting than.. well... my average day. i was going to say more exciting than siting at my cubicle slaping myself with the elasctic in my boxers.. but i thought that it wouldn't be necessary to tell you all that much detail. another thing is stretching. i've never streched so much, not like warm up streching, but like, one leg goes this way and the other goes somewhere else. it's not that i like pain, but my instructor said if you stretch, you'll be a better dancer. so i now stretch. just like this, but sans le muscles and cleft chin. or something like this but maybe without the cheap lighting.

oh. last night i went to the show instead of cell group. i went because i felt that i needed some time alone, and not only that, i was super excited to see some percussionists. (sp?) so i get there, the place is packed, i go try to get a ticket... and BAMN! sold out. i was super sad, and at first i thought that this was God's way of telling me that missing cell was the wrong choice. but i was never felt convicted or like i did something wrong. i honestly felt that this show was almost a gift from God, and i was already released to go watch the show. so as i was leaving, i was looking at the cd's , and i just looked poopy. the guy at the desk actually was like, what's the matter, it's time to go inside. i was like, sold out buddy, i'm going home. he's then like, no man, go to the promoters desk and see what's up. totally not caring at this point i was just like, aight, and asked if they had any spare tickets to sell. this lady saw me and said yeah sure, and she gave me one without any questions. i was gob-smacked. i was like, how much? she said take it. then i was like WHAT?!?! she says that someone just cancelled and it's a comp. ticket anyways. so then what?

i got in for free. saved myself alotta dough. so a cool show. although not as cool as seeing janet jackson.. but we all know that no one compares to her.

that's when i knew that i made the right choice to go see the show. so i had an eventful evening last night.

once again i leave you with this.


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