okokok. i dont' know if any of you guys noticed this, but this website is cute... and crazy all in the same sentence. it's about two people in love, who are now separted by only half the world. so they set up a website on blogger so that they can show the world how much the love each other, but they also ask for donations so that they can fly to see each other. a good idea, coupled with a gerat design, and a movie in the making... it deserves a looksie.

okok. big dilema. Hong Kong releases Lord of Rings tonight. I have cell group. I want to go to a show that i've been planing to go to for about a month now. they all happen at around the same time. what to do? i don't want to miss cell group, that's just not good. but this show is a once in a lifetime, one night only ever in Hong Kong deal. One my third hand, i've been waiting seemingly my whole life to watch this movie, and i'd love to be in the theater with all my friends together. flash pick? go to the show. i've only missed one cell meeting since it started months ago. the movie can wait. the show is one time only. so go to the show right?

man... i dont know. missing cell sucks. i've just decided that the movie is not an option. so it's now between cell and show. choosing a show over spending time with God seems like i'm being what i most feared, a christian that doesn't stand firm in his faith, and shines through his works. but there's grace, and i'm certain that God would be ok with me going to have a good time. but then if i goto cell i save moola in ticket prices.

OH SHUT UP! just go to stupid show and talk to God about it later!!!!!! ok. settled.


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