i tried to do this big blog yesterday, but something went wrong and then it didn't work, and all was lost. in an act of righteous anger i bopycotted the whole outfit. realizing that forgiveness is the call to all Christians, i return to conitnue this mutually benificial friendship... thus i blog.

for the first time in months i played played basketball. it was fun, but my body was so NOT used to exercise that almost 24 hours later, i am still sore, tired and plain hurting. it was great to get out there, but i remember that while i was there i missed that life a little. balling with a huge group of friends, chill'in sucking on those smokes.. it was a pleasent memory of a life that i left behind.

oh well, better it stays as a memory.

work sucks and my workload just got doubled.. and my deadline push FORWARD by half a month. go figure....

God, please grant me strength.


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