OMG! last night was soooooo good.

so i've finally found a dance team that can quench my dancing thirst. since no-one here in my office shares my interest for dance, i'm going to spill my guts for my blog today. it was so sosoososo good. it started off with like half an hour of streching, like real streching, the stuff where i was bing pushed and pulled all over the show. the pain was welcomed as i knew that it would help me, but it really did hurt. then we warmed up for a while... then we had a break. i was thinking man, that's nearly an hour gone... that's almost all the time. i was also thinking that they didn't do much dancing. i was kinda happy that we did so much technical stuff, but not that much dancing. after our 2 minute break, BOOM! she picked it up real fast. we went through 12 plus 8 counts in less than an hour. no breaks. the whole group was really lethargic throughout the warm up, but when we started the whole group picked up the tempo, went all serious, but while still havning fun. so without telling you about every minute of the workout, it was so good.

on a crappier note, office politics have been really making me sad/angry. bascially there is a lot of crap happening and things just suck. morale is low, the boss is ignoring the problems, and my supervisor decides to take days off without anyone even caring, my project plan looks like I took a crap on it cuz of all the changes... it's not fun working in a place where you don't want to be. bonuses denied, tax being paid, people stressing out over their job security, can't make ends meet... all in a days work.

man, i ate a big phat bowl of congee for lunch... it was dope. lunch seems to be the only time where everything just melts away. i'm also loosing weight. 7 pounds in the last 3 weeks. i'm not done yet either. gonna start a new way of eating.... that means just no junk, and no more eating till i feel i'm gonna puck.

anyways.... must get back to that inbox....


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