my weekend was good. fulfilling... wondrous, jam packed, and good. i refuse to let this deteriorate into i did blah blah over the weekend lalalala. but what MUST be said is that after a wonderful birthday dinner at a friends place with many members of our church there... about 7 of those left went down to the beach and had some moonlit worship on this rocky cliff just off the water. it was beautiful. we took down some djimbes, 2 guitars, shakers, and we just worshiped for hours. the night was perfect. the weather was cool and windy, the waves were soft and gentle, the sky was clear, the place we found was just the right size. at one point i felt that God was using the wind and sea to respond to our worship. it was a memory i will always have. it's times like these when the world melts away... when worries of work, problems, relational problems, financial problems... everything.. just melts away. even if it only for a couple of hours, i know last night will sustain me for years to come.

is anyone else effected (affected?) by the weather? yesterday, i couldn't help but smile at the how the weather was just beautiful. it was about 2pm, and i was walking to visit a friend after my lunch with my parents. the sun was shining bright, the wind was blowing a strong cool wind at my back, and i honestly felt like i was walking the diag back at my college campus. the weather brought me back to those carefree days... days like this are VERY few in HK. i felt like i took advantage of it to the fullest... anyways... i just wanted to share that in spite of all the crap we have in our lives.. a day of good weather among other things can just change the whole week.



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