God talk
i was reading up on anachronic today and i felt that i should blog about bible studies.. and the christian way of life in general.

how sad is it that when we meet in groups, christians try to act so warm and friendly, yet dont carter to needs of those who are on the outside looking in. i look at my own personal life as a exception because when i became christian, i knew it was something for life that happened, and i was eager to learn as much as i could every single day. but very many other people don't take the same road. christianity is a culture almost.. we have our own customs, our own set of rules and behaviour patterns, our own language, our own humour, our own.. get the point?

i dont like it. being christian to me was never ever about learning how to fit in. i spent my whole life trying to 'fit in' and that's just crap. it pains me when people automatically asume that just because i'm christian i have to use proper historical words that are used often in the bible. if i was a non-christian walking into a bible study, or my fellowship.. i'd have a blank face because i would spend the whole time trying to figure out what things like, sanctification, edification, and mana meant. i would have done.. no.. i DID do the same things that Jon did when he goes. i make it a point to try and NOT use lofty and big christian words.. because i love to keep it simple.

i heard a sermon once that we almost are building a wall around ourselves... with our slang, our pratices... all our acts of 'building up'.. yet how many of our events/meetings are outward focused? how many times a week are we trying to get more people to meet with God, rather than spending time patting each other on the back. i loathe that... i will never stand for 5 nights and one morning a week looking at myself, then spending one day a month trying to talk to someone else... i'd say more of a balance is in order. no.. i'd say you need to flip that over. being christian is not meant to be just for you and your bible study.. it's meant for EVERYONE.. so why don't we share with EVERYONE...

ak.. i dunno.. i just had to vent...


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