change of mind
so i've decided that i'm not going to worry about anything at work. it's now something that i need to walk out.. and that is that i now have the faith that God put me here, and God will take me away when He wants to. so i'm going to just work out the days, while still trying to be excellent, but i'm also going to start praying for my boss... and his grubby little mitts to STOP taking so much moola from his company that we slave away for.

i took a look at my weekly life and i just realized that i could cut down on some things.... but i don't want to. i've been blessed to be a member in a church that has a heart to contribute to this city.. to aim too high for it's smaller past.... our church is known to be a church where people are used, and everyone is called to come, learn what their gifts are, and to use them. many people get turned off by that kind of attitude... i've seen so many people just want to go to sunday's service.. then leave... and that's it. but sunday's service for many of us, is seen as the very minimun that could/should/would be done every week. monday night is either a worship practice or leaders meeting, tuesday is our new beleivers course called alpha course, wednesday is my day to connect and encourage someone from my ministry or the chinese cell group, thursday is my own cell group, friday prayer walk around the bar district, saturday young adults ministry, sunday church.... monday begins the next week. that's just the things that i'm part of... there are more things going on in my church that i have nothing to do with.

this is the thing... when you have a 9-5... time becomes precious. granted i'm not spending every waking moment at my office working.. but when i'm out of the office, what i do is very important... i've recently been wasting some of my free time on stupid things... like a computer game... i dunno... some people find these things totally a part of their lives.. an integral part of winding down after a long day. i would too, but i've recently been challenged to use the most of my spare time to dedicate it to god.. to praying... to studying the bible... yeah...

my life, to me, is not about today, this week, or this month... it's about my future. i need to invest in myself.. and that doesn't mean going out and buying a new wardrobe. 10 years down the road, the results of my efforts, blood and tears poured out into my ministry, church and personal walk will have significant return. i believe that every extra hour spent with my nose in the bible will reap HUGE benifits in the future.. sadly.. i know an hour in front of the TV will not. is this a revelation? naw, but just cuz i know it don't automatically mean i do it...

now.. if you've read this far then you're either very bored, or christian. my only challenge to you is that are you doing what you can for God? and how many things in your life can you exclude and fill with something that eternal significance? how many things in our lives would change if we just turned off the the tv or net.. and just prayed for change? hmmmm... i wonder.


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