flying bricks
an impression is many things. an impression on a paper can come in the form of a seal, produced by applying a certain amount of preasure. much the same the same way a flying brick will leave an imperssion on your head. that's basically what happens when i meet someone for the first time. every single minute detail is taken in when you meet someone for the first time... cuz it's a break from your everyday routine. it's something new.. and when something is new, you study it, inspect it... like a new Cd.. i'm sure everyone studies the case design, book design, producers, artwork, colabos and all that jazz, either during the first track or even before listening to the album itself.

but is that flying brick always going to leave the right impression? and when does the that impression change? any residual from a airborne block is hard to just ignore... but that's what i feel i do when it comes to people i meet. can a first impresion be VERY different from the truth? it depends on many things, the judger, the person being judged, the situation, the wind chill and angle of sunlight in relation to the pollution index. you see? many things add to the 'experience' of meeting someone for the first time.

okokokok, so the main thing is that i uncontrolably judge someone in the first 3.2 seconds i glance at the person. sadly, i can spend anywhere from 1 to 2 years changing that which i set in stone from the 3.3rd second. do i stand alone or are there other people like me out there........?


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