fashion is such a thing. so much is judged on the brand name, the colour coordination, the type of shoes, the general feel... yeah, so 3.2 seconds is all someone needs to take in the general package that's standing before them.

that's why i bought new clothes last night.

there are times when i look down on what i've asmebled as my outer shell, and i feel un-confident. it's pretty sad that i even let something as petty as my clothes effect my attitude... but i'm just being honest. i go up and down. sometimes i feel that i need to step away from HS/college baggy pants and t-shirt, to the graphic designer tighter jeans and funky t-shirt. sometimes, i just wanna... be. now don't get me wrong, i'm NOT having an identity crisis, not even an identity shift... but i feel that the pull of the world to dress a certain way to be seen a certain way.

big thumbs down.

question is, should i sell out to the crap that i'm surrounded with and just try to look a certain way because i feel i should? or should i strive to look the way that i want to. are christians called by God to look like scrubs? where is the line between looking respectable and looking pretentious. do i walk that line?

a sage friend once told me that if i didn't want something to be an issue, don't make it an issue.



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