what happens when you have hard proof that your boss is stealing loads of dosh from his own company? what would you do as a christian? what would you do as a worker under him that being treated unfairly? what would anyone do? that's the complex that i've been given today.... oh well.

Poon Choi
yesterday i did something that defined being from a small village in Hong Kong. It's a feast where you eat tons of meat in a huge bowl that's put in the missdle of a table for over 10 people. it was simply amazing. a good friends mother had a birthday dinner and he invited myself and some other friends to their house out in spiks of HK. needless to say, when you're that far from the city, things are cleaner.. and more beautiful.. and this place was no exception.

a beautiful 3 story house, a stone's throw from the ocean, perfect weather again, no city noise, great food, great company... poon choi was something that even my MOTHER hasn't done... i told my family about and they were pretty impressed.

last thing.. isn't it just amazing what a phone call from a really good friend can do? last night i was yapping the night away to a friend whom i haven't to talked to in a while.. and it was refreshing... for lack of a better word... but yeah.. if you have anyone on your mind tha tyou want to catch up with... seriously... pick up that phone...


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