extreme crap
i was never into extreme sports, as i didn't consider some of them a sport more than a way to further promote ESPN and lunatics that SHOULD be recorded doing silly and dangerous things. since i am nothing more than a spectator in every sport rather than a player, my arguments aren't backed by much... but seriously, i never thought that much about extreme... until i watched this show on TV, the only hour in the past month that i had to watch that stick'n thing. it was a show that had the extreme sporty people travel the world, and do extreme things, and get paid extreme money.


this week was surffing. so they had this world class surfer babe girl/model, and 3 other surfer doods, with perfect, cut, tanned bodies.... paid to go to the most remote and beautiful places, wear as little clothes as possible, and just surf. do the ocasional interview, and to generally look beautiful and to surf on perfect sunny days in crystal clear waters. WHAT KIND OF LIFESTYLE IS THAT? not that i'm jealous... actually.. i'm VERY jealous. i can't surf, therefore they didn't come knocking my door down to see when i could start shooting. oh well... i'm SURE that's the only reason they didn't call.

taken from the show, "...and to think that nobody within a 1000 miles radius is catching these breaks, it's amazing... i'm so privileged to be part of history..."

you gotta love surfers... it's sometimes so simple.


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