so as my brother, his wife and i were walking to their home, she pulls out a ciggy and lights up. my brother imediately get's pissed and say's what a bad example for children.

first of all, my brother still regarding me as a child really pisses me off. like really pisses off.
second of all, him treating her like a little teenager being caught by her dad was a lot to swallow... what a prick. so what she smokes, she's your damn wife, dont treat her like she's some little kid... where's the respect and love. i see no happiness for her 2 years after being married... sad.. but that's a whole can of worms i dont even want to touch. atleast not until tomorrow
third of all, my life has been cleansed of all the crap like smoking, drug use, sex, excess alcohol, swearing, among others. my brother doesn't even have friends that have been down that road, so how is he going to undertand it. sadly, at 32 my brother's only strong addiction is to computer games and DVDs.. which to me is just plain sad.

i told him straight up after his stupid offhand comment that just 2 years ago i was smoking much more than what she was smoking, rounding out at a pack a day. he stopped walking and said, "and you're proud of that?"

"Yes, i am. I'm proud of that because I have already quit and put those things behind me."

not much conversation after that.


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