mistaken identity
this is to everyone.. someone has been going around the blogging world and has been using my name to tag. so far i've seen my imitator comment on leslie and PZ's page.

i'm sad because i'm sure that i don't know this person, and if i did i think that it's pretty poor humor. i'm not angry.. just sad, because someone could use my name and say some things that could be really bad. anyways, if you see my name in a comment and it's outta character then please dont suspect.

and to whomever is using my name.. i'm sure that if your using my name yuo know this site.. and my only question to you is do you know Jesus Christ? could change your life........ and i just wanted to say that i'm praying for God to seriously BLESS you... tell me if things get better for you... comment my page under my name so i know its you and can stay unkown... but yeah,.. i'm praying that God does something in your life to really bless you.. God bless you.

my real blog for today:
the family guest
so over the last week, it was my father's birthday, and with each of the birth celebrations comes a family get together of sorts. the Ma tribe tends to meet and be jovial. so i went to dinner fully expecting the same old thang... but sitting next to my brother was an attactive looking woman that looked roughly my brother's age.

plot thinkens.

so before i even get settled in my chair.. and after the customary 3.2 seconds i have decided that 1) she's pretty 2) she's chill 3) she's very very brave to come to a family dinner, the FATHER's birthday 4) she was relaxed but not in a fake way... she was actually comfortable.
so it was very easy to let one thing lead to others, and the whole family put on it's happy face to really welcome her. thing is.. she felt right at home.. or at least she looked like it. she even initiated convo with my mom AND my dad. major bonus points. 3 things that sold me on her. 1) she ate the food. [outback steackhouse.. not very 'quaint'] 2) she actually talked to me [anyone who talks to me during a family dinner passes in my book] 3) she got my father a gift [no cared what it was, but the fact that she got one was already icing on the top]

again... one thing lead to 3 million things in my mind and probably everyone else in my family.. but let's just say she's pretty darn cool... the best that i've seen to date... but how about letting things just fall into place.... but it's VERY exciting.

on the total flip side... i dont know if anyone elses' family is like this... but my family has 2 faces. especially when we have a 'family' dinner. when we meet alone.. we are very short... not much to talk about.... we are pretty grumpy... like a normal family... but when we have guests... man do we paint a pretty picture.... i think it's weird.. but yeah.. i was wondering if anyone else has that kinda situation..


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