.:|the heart|:."do you go to PLUS?"
PLUS is the name that we in our church have given for the home group, or cell group. P.eople L.ike US... add and be added to.. there are many play on letters for the name.. pretty funky huh? we are moving our focus to becoming a cell church, meaning that much of what happens in the church is not just restricted to Sunday mornings. i am an avid believer of cell church ministry, but it took a while before i did.. and it took a strong word from the Lord before i really had that desire.

now everything is different.

i have for months now done what i can and could to try and get people to see that church is like celebration... for many of us it's not where the entirety of my christian teaching comes from. nor is it where the bulk of fellowship derives. last night i had PLUS.. after missing one cuz of the mission trip.. just made me smile. i love the people in my group, and i'm so ready for God to double our group.. which he already has done since i started... 2 twice. that's exponential growth... i know that going from 4, to 8, to 16 can only really happen in the beginning.. but i'm so happy with the way God has blessed this group.

anyways, i guess that i started this blog with a question... but let's try and bring it back to basics. is your christian life just about sunday morning? or how about that fellowship/youth group you go to? is that the extension of your christian life? is there a cell group also in the equation? my only complex is that i want people to see that attending these things wont change your attitude towards them, and you're not doing God any favours. you need to have you heart in it... and in that heart, you need a desire for God, or at the very least, a desire to be closer to Him. if being Christian is only about going to church, then i must tell you that you are missing out. it's about the heart, the motives and the inner most desires... that should be a question we all ask ourselves, for christians of 10 minutes or 10 years...

i returned from a short term mission trip that had me see poverty, corruption, envy, dispare, defeat... but in that.... i saw a desire for Jesus that was so strong that none of these things took away the pure happiness that a real love for God brings. i dont want to condemn any who read this, but to encourage.. that there is freedom if you decide to give Jesus everything... not just your sunday morning, saturday or your thursday night... and there is a happiness that nothing on this planet can even compare to.. the love of the Creator, the Sovereign Lord... the Father....

we can never earn a place next to God by works, or deeds... we are bought by the ransom paid for by His son, Jesus Christ that the cross will eternally show. but it is the heart that the Father sees, not what we do... and if that's not in order.. then it is that very aspect of our lives that needs to change. right now.


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