.:|the haven and uncle joe|:.ha·ven
1. A harbor or anchorage; a port.
2. A place of refuge or rest; a sanctuary.

the haven is the name of the new flat (that's apartment for all my american readers) which 3 of my friends have just moved into. i almost moved in with them but decided rightfully so that the situation i was in now is too good to leave behind. but this place is nice, and super homey, and about 50 meters from church. in the middle of the city... i love it. it was super fun, cuz i was such a bum at their place the last 5 days. listening to chilled out music, talking about all sorts of things, playing chess, eating, drinking, being lazy... it was super good. i love the chill factor now... and as people are getting older, and people are getting married... it's more of a crazy thing to pull those around you closer.

although on friday night they had a little get together at the haven... it wasn't really my thing. charades is fun.. sometimes. not every time... ya know? some people thought it was fun, but i dont know... i know exactly what would do if i lived in a place like that. get like 4 people over... have a big cook up of simple stuff, pasta, salad, candles and wine... chilled tunes and chatting through the night.. it's simple, and very boring for some.. but that's just me. shoot, even chess and accapella singing to go along with the that is fine with me...

and then the weekend hit a climax when we went over to TST to watch uncle joe play. one of my elders, and our worship director play in this band.. and they are absolutely amazing. i've heard many bands now while in HK, even going to singapore to tour with these guys... but they've reached a new level with their new drummer who is one of the best drummers in HK. i'm not going to exaggerate anything, but these guys are very good. blew my mind.. good sound, great material, and i'm just amazed that i even know them.. i'm SUCH a groupie. but i'm going to be sending their full length to people in the states... probably to munfung... i know she'll like it.

anyways.. i'm at work thus i need to work. take care and God bless. and here's the report of the mission trip if anyone is interested.


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