sometimes i can never get over how bad some people are at their jobs. how much people don't learn from mistakes, or how unaware people are of their situation or surroundings. in college i was on numerous committees and cores that got things done. even the worst cores i've been on have had some people with great minds, and together the team pulled through. i realised that this was due to a college campus having some great people that were destined to go far, and they encouraged the not as gifted peeps to perform above their expectations. business minds, political minds, people with great gifts.

i am very far removed from that situation now.

the great minds are in great jobs. and now... it seems like i've been put in a job with a bunch of idiots. it's like i took every single person that i would've turned down in college... and found out that they all are now working in my office. namely the boss. my boss is a horrible boss. i'm not judging him unfairly... he is a corrupt, racist, selfish, pig. yet i must love him and respect his authority. i have other people in the office that have no brain. and others with no imagination... meaning that once you try and get them to do something that is outside of their everyday duties, they can't compute and end up doing a much worse than if i did it myself.

it's days like this... 3 hours into my first day of the week.. that i wish i worked to my ability in college, got my degree and got into a job where my mind and my skills are being tested, not just my patience. there are millions of small companies that have so much potential, but because of people who are just don't have the skills or training to push the company onwards... they just float in eternal mediocrity. like my office.

eugh... i know that God has more for me. i'm working a job getting paid well for someone of my CV, which is used toilet paper. but for my abilities i'm an being painfully underused... i feel like i'm wasting the more productive years of my life... this is not an arrogant thing to say, nor am i'm trying to get any kudos. the facts are that i have training and experience doing things that i love doing. but beacuse i dont have a degree, my feet will never get in the door to be in those situations.

i have spent 6 of the last 8 working days stuffing envelopes, printing pieces of paper, folding paper... i have reached my boiling point when all of this could have been avoided if my boss would have taken just 10 minutes out of his day to hold a meeting with me... but because he refuses to believe that anyone other than himself should make any decision... we, as an office, have halted output and production for almost a full working week. 6 full days of work, wasted when we could have avoided this and i even had a plan to get this done in one day.

am i the only one in this situation? all my APA 101, UAAO, and MAASU peeps.. do any of you guys feel me on this? don't you think that any of our cores could have handled your last department meeting better? i certainly do.. and it makes me kinda sad. sometimes i scream out to God and yell my 18 year mentees could have handled that situation better! why am i stuck with such idiots!!!!


alas.. the day and week continues.. is it 5 o'clock yet?


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