sorry i've been so not updating.. i'm pretty upset that blogger seems to have lost my 2 year archive. it says that it's somewhere on the server... but i wont believe till i see it.

anyways, i don't do drugs anymore... that's the point. tomorrow i take a day off work so that i go to the international school in hong kong to talk about drugs. i'm helping the organisation call the Kelly Support group that go into schools and hold workshops about drug abuse, and other things relevent to teens... drugs, sex, peer preasure, depression... you know it. one of my very good friends works there and it worked out that i got to speak. i've always wanted the chance.. and now all of a sudden i'll be there for an hour pouring my heart out.

it's amazing when i sit here and type out the things i'll be saying, going over my life as though it were yesterday. my downs, when i was taking more pills in one setting then people would take in a month... i hated myself for doing back then, but i kept turning to it. it was funny at the time, something to do to kill time... but i never got out of it, till it ate me alive....

for about 20 minutes i'll pour out my darkest secrets that i sometimes don't even like to think about... but it brings a smile to my face knowning that God chooses some of us to show our scars so that others will not go down the same path... and not only that, they'll turn to Jesus.

please pray for me, as from 11to 1 i'll be giving it everything i can. i'll post my notes tomorrow.

does ANYONE like my new template?


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