.:|moving on|:.
my moving out prayers have been answered. my brother and i had lunch today and ironed out details about us moving in together and sorting out what we wanted in a place. We're settled as we both want to live in the city center and next to the train station. score. now i gotta pray for him to get a good job and then we can have a dope place that's been my dream/prayer for a while.

things on my mind? uncle joe STILL rocks my world , even though the show was 2 days ago. the Haven is a beautiful place. i miss dancing. i'm becoming a lardass. i LOVE my new clie to bits. God is so cool. and i love church and everything that the word Christianity entails.

i've titled this moving on because tomorrow i'll be having a meeting with the leader with the cell ministries, and my current cell group leader.. and they'll be talking to me about possible becoming a cell group leader. it's been the wildest testimony of how God needed me to go to Australia before really seeing the need for cell group in my life because i openly shunned it.. and now.. full circle. i've given it everything i've could, and now.. 6 months later they thinking about asking me to lead? i've always wanted to... but now that the meeting is tomorrow... it's scary almost.

i'm moving on. that's what i've been thinking last night and this day. over dinner with 2 friends last night i noticed that i've only been walking with the Lord for barely 2 years, and i've done everything i've could to try and get closer to him... i believe strongly that the Lord has redeemed the years that i lost wondering the earth... i've been humbled by His mercy.. and now i've got to .... you know... move on.

and if you haven't read it already... here's the mission trip report. (mine is still being written)


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