having a computer in my bedroom was something i've always dreamed of having, and something that became a reality last night. i've always had the computer, but it wasn't online... and i finally got the dude up there yesterday.. bad. like really. i was up till 2am surfing and just crapping around last night... i had to physically just tear my eyes away so that i could go to sleep. i woke late for work.. bleah.

i was on Kazaa for the first time in my life. i wanted to download some songs. it took a while, and i only got like 3 last night. i dont understand the 'need more sources' thing. but then i wanted to download the new missy elliot video with the highschool theme to it. the moves are phat.... but then i typed something in... like missy video... and some VERY dodgy stuff came up. i was actually appalled at the things i could have downloaded. that's one reason i hate the internet. it's so full of this type of crap that i'm just disgusted by it. the temptation was there to start watching complete smut... and i remember thinking to myself... this is ridiculous. i stayed away from videos.. and just concentrated on a couple of songs.

anyways... after a couple of minutes i realized that i was downloading songs i already own... so i fished out all my CD's.. mostly worship, and starting converting to MP3. it was so much fun. my collection is rather thin.... but i at least i have something.

this blog is about downloading songs. do you rip mp3 from the net and then burn CD's? do you download whole albums? do you feel bad? conviction from the Lord concerning copyright Laws and all that have been rather hazy for me.. as in i haven't really thought about it. ak... at least not until last week when we heard a sermon that you are basically sinning when you dl from the net. all i know is that i DL'ed one song last night... all the others that i got from the net i deleted cuz they were crap songs. because i dont have a fast enough connection as i would like.. i'm just going to buy the album. i have every intention on buying that thing. so i did the right thing... right?

temptation to just rip off every music performer, writer and producer that i've heard in my life was blazing at me last night. i was always one for napster and kazaa and all that.. but honestly, now that i make an honest dollar, and i'm christian, AND i have a good friend who works in production... i believe now in buying the real stuff. there's just so much temptation to get the whole thing online.. bleah.. i hate it. anyways.. i'm so new to this... to think that people have been doing this for years and years already...


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