i woke up this morning because my stomache was doing flips. i ran to the bathroom and then threw up. half an hour later i woke up and again had to run back to the bathroom to let the diarrhoea flow. another hour later saw me puke again, and crap again. my mouth feels like i ate a decomposing squirrel and my stomache still feels like i drank petrol for breakfast. my head hurts from all the dry heaving and i smell bad.

will you be my girlfriend?

i couldn't help it.. it's valentines weekend.. i had to throw the net... maybe i'll catch something. ack... i missed dance today and i feel like crap.. i gotta MC tonight and i keep having mental image of throwing up in the middle of worship. anyways, food poisoning sucks ass. and i'm sure the 2 gin and tonics didn't help either, especially not when you drink it in 3 gulps. take it from me, no matter how hungry you are, stay away from "fresh" chinese food sold at 7-eleven. just cuz it tastes good doesn't mean that its either clean or healthy. i repeat, food poisoning sucks major bottom.


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