.:|the art of mp3|:.
there's more. in college when my house got high-speed internet connection for the first time... no one slept or went to class for days. it was all about getting the phattest song list. between about 6 of us we downloaded almost every pop hit and cult classic song that marked the ages from the early 80s till the new century. HOWEVER, never did anyone burn entire CD's... it was just a ridiculous number of one hit wonders over the span of 20+ years of the musical history.

now things are different. people grab and rip full cd's and then burn them. that, my friend, is very balingus(the multi-functional hong kong word for crap) even downloading a whole bunch of songs from the net and putting them on a cd is also crap. i'm a believer of downloading songs for my computer, or my clie even to listen to... i would really love to buy most of the music i listen to... then just burn a mix through that.

it's a good thing to take this conviction and really know where it is that i am doing wrong, where the sin is, and why i should stop. i never used to think that downloading a song was doing any harm. that's why i would rather DL a song and sample the album, THEN buy it. i've done that with about my last 20 cd's.. back in college we all took the robin hood approach and tried to steal what we coul from the record labels... but now it's different. i have God and a job. but there's an argument that mp3s give exposure that is free for the people involved. for a small band its a complete blessing if people all over can hear your stuff and try to hunt down a CD.. but for the big players, rappers, and money hoarding jerks who feel they are being cheated out of hundreds of thousands of dollars when all they want to do is to add to their hundreds and thousands of Millions of dollars............. woah.

for me, i used to do this specicfally to get back at the rich and filthy rich. i always opt to try and buy the underground stuff, although i've never really been a music buff. i hate going to get the mainstream stuff cuz that's what morpheus, kazaa and napster are for.

is this totally wrong?


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