so this weekend was so chill, it was absolutely smashing. friday started off with me shaving my head to the skin because i finally decided that enough was enough and it was time for change. 2 years of not cutting my hair.. and then i now have nothing on my head. months of not being able to touch some parts of my head had me just feeling the freeness of my scalp all night. friday night was my night to catch up with a very close friend over some great soup and pasta. it was so relaxed and easy... it was a nice time of fellowship.

actually, this is NOT going to turn into a blog that just retraces my steps over the last weekend. here's some meat. sunday after church, tom and i went to go find some suits for bob's wedding. it was cool to hang in a low key situation... no need to worry about stuff... just hang.. it was great. got a nice jacket but no pants.. waiting on the people to call me to see if they can get it for me...

i have to admit... i gave the wrong quote on my page.. so here is the latest WITH the link. i hate SARS, but i'm thinking now that there's not much to fear anymore. it is estimated that if you are healthy then have a good chance of recovering should you contract it. something like over %80... it's a killer for those with weak immune systems. anyways, here's the update.

--------------World Health Org------------------
Update on cases and countries
Disease Outbreak Reported

29 March 2003

As of today, a cumulative total of 1550 cases and 54 deaths have been reported from 13 countries. This represents an increase of 65 cases and one death compared with the previous day.

WHO infectious disease specialist, Dr Carlo Urbani, the first WHO officer to identify the outbreak of this new disease and treat the earliest cases in Hanoi, died of SARS today in Thailand, accounting for the additional death.

--------------Hong Kong Health Dept------------------

Update on atypical pneumonia

The following is jointly issued by the Department of Health and the Hospital Authority:

An additional 60 patients with symptoms of atypical pneumonia were admitted to public hospitals as at 1 pm today (March 30). They include six healthcare workers and 36 patients from Amoy Gardens. The remaining 18 were new patients and contacts of patients with atypical pneumonia.

Seventeen patients, including 12 healthcare workers and medical students of Prince of Wales Hospital, were discharged from hospital today. A total of 60 patients to date have recovered from atypical pneumonia and been discharged.

Currently, 52 patients are receiving treatment in the intensive care unit.

A 74-year-old female patient with a history of other diseases died in United Christian Hospital this morning. This brings to 13 the total number of patients died with atypical pneumonia in public hospitals.

The cumulative figure for patients admitted to public hospitals with atypical pneumonia is 530, starting from March 12.


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