i ditched the office to eat lunch on my own. even though the special deal at pizzahut sounded nice, i just had a feeling that today i needed time away from the office and the other staff. as soon as i stepped out of the office i knew it was beautiful. the sun was pouring down, but the cool breeze made it just wonderful. i couldn't help but smile because i knew that days like this were numbered in Hong Kong, and i was determined to be outside. i crept into a place and read Galatians 1 while eating a particularly cheap lunch. i got out within 20 minutes and had half an hour to just wonder the cheap streets that surround my office building. i just had this smile that was beaming... it was a nice day today.

this has been on my mind all day starting from the sermon that i heard on the way to work today. casey treat is good. but anyways, Galatians is all over the place for me.

I do not set aside the grace of God.
Galatians 2:21

a week ago i put up Galatians 2:20 i think. today i'm read that and it really stuck out. some of us really do put aside the grace of god. i think i do that all the time... and it really sucks one of the most important things as a christian, and we often just set it aside. how petty, how crap of us...

anyways, the title of the blog is beautiful, and not the grace of God. i was thinking to myself that i hate the fact that if you work, that means that you have to miss most of the possible sunlight in any given weekday. no matter how beautiful a day is, it just seems like i'm watching a very good TV or something... i never get to actually experience it...

enough rambling... mull on the Galatians 2:21 scripture, be jealous of the wonderful weather of Hong Kong, and then pity all of those who had to waste it in an office.


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