it was mentioned over the weekend that that if people don't know your passion, then you probably don't have one. how crazy is that? how scary is that?

after really thinking about it, i know that i have a passion for people. i have a passion to see people get on fire for God.. this is a small passion (if ranking a passion was common practice)... people can be passionate but not to the point where it is the only reason for living. i am in every way trying to my best to really grasp what having a passion means.. and once you know what your passion is, what are you doing to attain that passion?

it is said in the bible that men who lack vision perish. i certainly hold passion and vision in the same harbour, if not the same boat... my vision for my life is simple. to reflect the Love of Jesus Christ in all i do. and to see this generation changed by the Power of the Lord. that is also my passion, to take up personal challenges that my vision brings me to face. And in my case, it is individuals that my passion holds. in the most condensed version of my passion.. it is Jesus that i live for.

my only wonder is if other people see what i see?

ps. this is not a cheap call for praise or comments or anything.. i was just thinking out loud...


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