.:|practice what you preach|:.
i had a friend tell me to my face that people look at you and if you aren't walking out the advice you give out then people aren't going to listen to you.

that wasn't her exact words but it was somewhere along the lines. still, it was pretty shocking to hear. shocking because... well.. it has to do with my family. you see, i dont really get along too well with my family. but in many ways, i do... like surface things. i see them for meals every sunday, watch a movie at least once a month together, try to be a family for the big holidays... yaddayaddya ya. but the underlying issue is that i'm still pretty much an ass to them.

i'm short, i'm insincere, i clock watch when i hang out with them, i dont tell them all about my day or week... but it's the fact that i don't pray for them... or share the gospel with them, or invite them to church... that's the biggest thing.

anyways.. i'm having a harsh day... it's been a little tough.. i'm gonna get out of here and try and understand the depths of the Lord that we follow.. more to come later.


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