i think it's so funny how was as people judge so much on what we see. i come across it so much in one day it's rather amusing. i often feel that it do it on purpose. i mean, i don't look average... in fact, there are some days i just look weird. my hair, if caught in the right light, makes me look like a beggar. that's totally cool with me, i live with my own hair... it's the guy i squeeze next to on the train that i worry for. looking different was never a conscious goal.. sure i'm plump, and i sometimes have ok clothes... but it's mainly because i have a weird way of wearing my hair. i guess that i'm now oblivious to the stares. the funniest is when i get the stares, and then the points, and then the tap your friend to say look at him thing. whatever.

but today was a little different. i didn’t' dress any differently, maybe a bit smarter than i usually do, black leather shoes baby, that was the key. anyways, i walked into this nice-ish japanese restaurant and i swear the woman at the door turned her nose at me once she saw my whole ensemble. it was a little weird. maybe this is all a reflection of fears i have inside my own self... maybe i overreacted to a silly simple situation. maybe i was dead on the money. who knows?

what was sad was that i never got a chance to talk to her. or to any of the people i pass by on the streets, yet i have judged them all, and in return been judged by everyone. i thought it was sad, because i was thinking to myself, they don't even know me, how could they write me off like that?

then it kind of hit me that i was having a hypothetical argument with myself, with one part of representing myself, and the other representing every single person i have ever passed on the streets. it was a silly thing to even think about, let alone argue about. but then another thought came to mind... and it was that in the bible it says to do unto others as you would yourself. (Matthew 7:1-2 "Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you) then i thought... man... i was living that today.

it's so cool when the bible is real like that. it just makes following Jesus all the easier.


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