.:|call to purity|:.
sometimes in our lives... God calls us to some things. now, god is calling me to purity. physical purity. it's weird knowing that i have the calling on my life. i'm thinking that EVERYONE should be in some sort of calling from God. it's kind of like the comfort thing with God.. you can never be too comfortable because then you kind of know that something is wrong. he calls us to give him our very best.. our utmost for His highest. no compromise, no settlement... and now it's a test.. at least the beginning of the test. there is no need to pray about it anymore.. i know now what is needed and expected from me... but to anyone reading.. if i act a little weird.. it's because of what has been put on me.

so then today i also read this in my daily devotional email:

To fear the LORD is to hate evil; I hate pride and arrogance,
evil behaviour and perverse speech.
-- Proverbs 8:13

the study was basically to focus on the word hate. mainly because hate is a very strong negative verb, and things that are associated with God are usually not also associated with hate. but i know that God hates pride, arrogance, evil and perverse speech. if it is stated clearly in God's word that this is what the Lord hates... then i will follow.

i've spent the week with God... and He has blessed me so much that it's awesome... isn't it weird when you pray for something... and then God answers the prayer in a way you never thought He would. the only comparison i can draw is... lets say you pray that God allows you to have some time to yourself, but then He answers your prayers by making you sick for 3 days. yes you are sick and in bed, but also yes, the prayer is answered that you have had 2 days to yourself... you see... His ways are SO NOT our ways.

anyways, i'm rambling. let's just say that one year later things are finally clearer. that was the outcome of my week.


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