.:|i'm losing touch with the world|:.
really.. it's weird. i have friends that i surf to every now and then... i have a handful who having been working, and another handful who are in college now. the people who aren't in college are all from my church in HK, and so they really are different from the teens in college in the states. i used to BE a crazy young fool running around a college campus PRETENDING to be all grown up and really doing a horrible job of it. years ago, i came to HK and then i've been doing the working church thing and i'm SO different from that guy that was being an idiot on campus years back.

so like just now, when i was surfing some sites, some i know and some i don't.. i realised that i couldn't understand what they were talking about. it was on 2 fronts, i couldn't understand the slang, or the content. in just under 2 and a half years i've been on a North American street for a total of 9 days. of almost the whole yearly stretch of time i've been Christian, turning around from my old ways and being a new creation.

but this all meant that i had to step away from my old life. back then, it was due to a damaging life cycle that was slowly bringing me to depression and death... but now that i'm simply older and working, i've found that i'm just... well... old skool.

in light of what we did last night at bible study... i'm still relevant, i can still connect to people that don't know anything about Christianity, and i'm still susceptible to the odd night out in a bar or club... but FAR less than i used to. ak... i have no real meat to this blog other than a simple rant that during my quest to be closer to Jesus... in my daily battle against the powers that be... i've ever so slightly started to step away from the world that helped mold me... albeit a rough and hard path, but it sill molded me into the person i am today...

for a time everyone who becomes a follower of Christ needs separation from their old life to be able to fully let those old habits die in them. however there is a choice that every person makes, and that is to stay in touch with their lives that they were brought out of OR to be completely sold out for the church. i see both sides to the coin... some people are called to keep their old life close to reach those who are still there... and some are called to give their lives to the church and move on from that life. i, since day one, always wanted to give my life to building up those new brothers and sisters in the Lord.... but at the cost of letting my older friends slip away.

sometimes that's as shallow as it is holy.


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