.:|when the bible hits you in the face|:.
i have morning devotional... it spans the trip to work, which could range anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour. i read something that stuck out. like totally man.

Galatians 2:20
I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

i was like.. wow. then my mind went off. what does it mean to be crucified with christ? i really felt that God was trying to tell me something about pride. i closed my eyes and just slumped into my seat on the train, with the music in my ears ministering to my soul... i felt that God was saying, to be crucified with Christ, and to live through the Lord meant that "I" didn't have meaning anymore. "I" wasn't the issue... it was whatever Jesus wanted now.. but i don't live for me, i live for Him. so that translated to me feeling that be dead meant that pride had to be eradicated from my life. that's no secret when it came to living a good christian life, because it's always said.. but like i've always said. unless it's a personal revelation... it really isn't sought after... not until it's something birthed within.

with that said, the word humility has been coming up repeatedly this month in my circle of sermons, and my now online church going. this week alone, i've visited 4 churches, and listened to preachers from all over the world... Singapore, Australia, the States, England... (but i'm still a crap follower of Christ.. no matter how many churches i go to). anyways, the underlying theme for me this month was pride. and then this morning it was really apparent of what i needed to do.

so with a new attitude i went to my regular bakery shop for my breakfast... i started buying some food, when i noticed this elderly aunty type was staring right at me. i double took her and she kept smiling and looked at my hair. i was a bit annoyed cuz she kept staring with this crazy smile. i brushed past her to buy my food and then she asked me in chinese, excuse me little boy, do you need to ever brush your hair?

i stopped what i was doing at the words 'little boy'. not that it REALLY pissed me off, but i was honestly annoyed... i frowned at her and walked thinking... what's HER PROBLEM? hasn't she seen WEIRD hair before.. did SHE KNOW that SHE WAS BEING RUDE? I can't BELIEVE that she SAID--

then i realised that maybe 15 minutes prior to that second.. i was reading about dieing to myself and living through christ... to eat my pride and be sold out for Jesus. and here i was complaining about some woman making a comment on my hair?

i came up the lift, repented, and got to work... i love it when God tests what we read in the bible... especially when it's just minutes after we read it. i was pretty upset that i basically failed the test... but i learned... the hard way, but at least i learnt it.


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