and then it all crashes
life is like those stupid things in those parks. teeter totters... i think. a big plank with a like ball in the middle... the one person on one end and another person on the other. one goes up, then one goes down.

i was up yesterday... today i'm down.

yay. sometimes when you celebrate life too much... the enemy tries to bring you back down to earth... i kinda feel like he saw how happy i was... found me on the earth where ever i was... pulled down his pants... and took a big fat smelly crap that fell smack on my head.

yum. like one big haze the week becomes the weekend... january soon to be feburary. 2002 now is no longer... things creep up me...

what happens if someone looks up to you... and they share stuff with you... but you have absolutely nothing at all to say to them... like your mind pulls a blank... you want to help, but you can't cuz the brain goes to mush when you need it to be moving and thiniking. stupid brain. i guess by all acounts god was just trying to tell me to shutup for once and just be 2 ears for that person. maybe.

anyways...yay weekend.

last thing... i've just been linked to many people in Hong Kong... weird... this site used to be just for the people stateside... now i'm local too... welcome to my world. hope you enjoy the scenery.


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