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so i dont really go out anymore, being a 9-5'er, and a christian, and a broke ass.. these things all add to it. but i have to admit that since this last festive season i was out a lot an it just seems like i've been in situations where.... shoot.... i was acutally chatted up/to. okokok, there's a difference between being chatted up and chatted to... but man, i've been single for a while and it just straight weird whenever i get a situation where a girl wants to talk to me.

now now, i can feel y'all readers just smirk'in at my last comments, but for real, i'm so removed from all of that stuff that i get like cold feet or something. shy never used to describe me... but shy i've been. i'm telling y'all, jesus changes EVERYTHING! =P i have a friend named davina who works as a bartender, and i usually head over to her bar to say hello before i go home and unwind with a little drink. more often than not, i'm introduced to some of her friends. one night, i was there for a while, and eventually i got talking to this girl. i'm not trying to even pretend i was the mack or anything. i was seriously at a loss for words, which is something i used to NEVER have a problem with. later on i had another guy come over and just talk... i was immediately suspect cuz i thought he was gay, but then just realised he was just a happy guy from cali that just wanted to know the guy with the weird hair sitt'in on his own at the bar.

in that one night i had about 4 conversations, and all 4 seemed like i was the alien. am i just old? am i outta touch cuz i put all this stuff behind me? am i'm just weird? could it be that all 4 of those people were weird? bah... i wont read too much more into it.. but next time i go down to a bar, i wanna be a little more confortable talking to random peoples. maybe i need to consult the single lossers guidebook to gett'in groove back....

yeah right.

anyways, happy new minute.

happy new minute


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