HE speaks
2 days in a row God spoke to me. He basically said shut up. for the last week i was kinda aimless... carrying a burden that's not my to carry.. i just basically felt that i had this sin with me that i carried and was soooo ashamed of that it just weighed heavy on me.

during prayer for 180... god said to get on my face and shut up.

during ministry time at church god also shutup and get on my face and get rid of that burden.. tears of just humilty, and shame.. and some things were prayed over me... but yeah.. i love being in a relationship with Jesus... days like this puts the whole week in a great perspective.

i love after having an encounter with the holy spirit i'm in a such a daze for hours. i was insuch a state that i left my freaking JOURNAL there.. and my bible... how sad and silly.. i vowed to do something life changing if i loose that journal and bible... i will very very hurt and sad... but i seek god's reason behind it. ok.. gonna enjoy the rest on this sunday and relaaaaaax.


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