moments last night where i lead the bible study and people were super encouraged and learned alot last night where i lead the bible study and i learned more due to leading than any other study at work were the time flies cuz you're working your butt off on a project that's not that bad that DDT you had a couple night ago that's still making you smile cuz of the sheer depth of the convo that feeling where it's cold enough to wear a nice jacket, but not super freezing those days where you are so close to god it's just amazing getting an email from a long lost friend seeing you and those around you growing up and moving on being able to go through crap with another person finding that 100 dollar note in your old jeans waking up and being happy to tackle your day cuz you got Jesus with you a good chat on the phone with that friend you've always wanted to talk to playing the djembe blogging living.

my life isn't going perfect as some of you may think. i'm just happy this moment because i spent the better part of this week thinking about these things and i'm totally amazed that God chooses to be with a loser like me. these are things that have made me smile this week... do YOU have a list? if not it's HIGH time you did.


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