the craziness
so 8pm and i'm still here... chill'in out getting last ends done before i rush onto a plane and go to Cebu to work with the crazy christians there. my boss unloaded a nice pile of work that he gives me at 4pm to start... and i must have everything finished by 9am... normally, the work load he gave me would be days... at least 3 of work. now i have to do it in less than one working day... all OT. but who's complaining? surely not I.. i get this wonderful extra time to blog.

i went to a crazy church last night. actually, the chruch is rather chilled out, but they meet in a crazy place. it was called community church. they meet in the apex of the tallest building in Hong Kong. no joke, it's on the 75th floor.. you overlook the whole of hk.. and then, when we set up, the sun sets, and the service changes from lazy sunday afternoon to a beautifully lit up hk-skyline-below-your-nose type of feel. i was simply amazed at the complete beauty of hong kong from above... i wish i took some pictures... the view at every single window was breath taking. i was there as a guest drummer. i always need to find God first and foremost before i start play the drum, no matter if it's for 2 people or 20 thousand, i always need to get my heart right... kinda like heavenly inspiration before i actually begin.... and it helps me to not perform, but to just worship Him. anyways, it was so easy with this church... cuz freaking if you put your forehead on the glass, you not only get vertigo, but you just feel like you're flying. at one point, i felt like i was looking at my home city through God's eyes.. and not my own. THAT, my friend, is NOT something you get to feel every day. i felt an acute sense that the members of that church take their meeting place for granted, but that would be judgemental.

we played a great set, as i always love playing with Tom, my dawg for life and worship director for our church. i played at 180, at church, and at another church for the night service(that's 3 times in less than 24hours) and still would have loved to play more. our worship director has this amazing gift.. people just are struck with God's love whenever he plays... it's so amazing, to either be in the congregation or right there playing with him.. i get seriously blessed... i LOVE playin worship.. and i LOVE playing the drum for Jesus.

anyways, i've recently receive some really crazy blessings from different areas of my life. one major thing is that i've been hearing from REALLY out of touch friends, which by no fault of their's, have been waiting for me to pick up a phone or get off my lazy ass and type something. but some have hunted me down through this page, and some have just emailed. craziness. i have to be loyal and committed to make sure i answer all the emails and notes... but i've just been amazed to see the names that have been popping up in my inbox. if you're one of those people... PLEASE give me until i get back from my mission trip... there's grace right???

another way that God has decided that i be blessed is through material things. this month i've done everything i could to cut back on spending, and i'm doing a great job, since this month i paid a huge credit bill AND my tax this month AND half a mission trip, but i've seriously cut back on stupid spending. THEN, God decides to just bless me. someone at 180 (my fellowship) comes up to me and says, i remember you're looking for a colour palm... i was like uh-huh. he was like.. have mine... i was like WHHHAAT???? so basically after next week, i'm going to have a new(used) clie. how crazy is that? i decided that 2 months ago i wanted one, but i wouldn't buy it cuz i knew that i didn't' have the cash. God sometimes just drops some CRAZY things in your lap.. huh?

9pm. you're probably wondering why am i'm not working.. well it's cuz i have print lots and lots of crap, and the printer is doing all the work.. as all the designs are already finished.. so i just have to listen and unjam and reload the printer.. so meanwhile, i can surf and type and email. but things are a little crazy... my boss is still here... BLEAH! i have no clue what the heck he's doing here.. it's bit weird just him and i.. and i'm just working/bloging/emailing away.. while i know he's just itching to talk... and he's just surfing, chatting and messing around. anyways, i'm totally blessing him by doing this work for him.. of which i could've said no. YEAH RIGHT! anyways.. i haven't worked this late in a while.. it's a blessingblessingblessingblessingblessing (repitition sometimes causes you to believe)

10pm. printer problems, emails, and my boss making me get food for him made for a short paragraph. where am i going with this blog? so in two days i'm out of here to go to Cebu. it's just crazy to think that in 2 years of being christian, this will be my 6th mission trip. i've always considered myself one to try and do what i can to chase Jesus... but this is quite a lot. all of the leadership team have gone on short term missions before.. but 6? in 2 years? God is so good to even get me on one. i'm seriously just way too blessed to even fathom the question of WHY i even have had any one of these opportunities.

the night drags on and i'm determined to make this the longest blog ever. blogger has been really really good to me. i've been updating this thing for something like 16 months, and it acts as my way of communicating with many people at once. i don't ever feel like i'm showing off a different person than i really am.. i just feel like updating one page, rather than write 50 emails every day... but the christian side of it has been awesome too. i've been able to receive blessings through having people read my site, and i others. to have random people find me through this site is just amazing, either here in HK, the states, canada, china.. it's sheer insanity. so i just want to encourage anyone who has an online anything... update it.. care for it.. pray over it... you never know what it can do.

it's kind of like praying. i will never know if God's going to answer any or all of my prayers, but i know He's listening. that's how i see this site. i KNOW people read this... don't know if it'll help/effect/encourage them... but i know that it has, and it will. once in lifetime, or once in a month... i don't care. most of the time i write for myself anyways... but everyone now and then God chooses someone to stop by this page and get blessed.. which in itself is a major blessing for me.

1015pm. almost done with the printing.. maybe before 11 i'll be gone. yeah right. there's nothing like a family dinner to put your life back in perspective. i see my family once a week.. if i miss that meeting, then it's another week. seeing your family 3 times a month... is just weird. i tend to observe alot when i eat/hang with them... maybe a little too much. since i surround myself with christians, it's sometimes very difficult to be patient with those that are closest... at least.. in theory. my family to me.. is like a stiff joint. sometimes, you don't even notice the pain, cuz it's been there forever. sometimes it's a nag, but bearable. sometimes, there's so much pain that you're so pissed off at it you just end up sitting there cuz you can't do anything else. wow.. that really did explain my family? i just pulled that out of my butt. craziness. anyways, like last night. i played worship at church, and received s great sermon from one of HK's best preachers. went to my missions meeting and lead a study on good attitudes. then went and helped lead drama practice, then went straight to play drums at another church. what a wonderfully, jam packed day for jesus. i check my phone as i'm going down the 75 floors. 14 missed calls, and 5 text messages. WHERE ARE YOU??!?! WE'RE WAITING FOR YOU? WHY DON'T YOU PICK UP YOU PHONE???? i said 730 earliest i'd be ready to be picked up. it was now 748. my mom panics and says that i should've picked my phone... her first call was at 5 pm. my brother was pissed cuz i gave the wrong place to pick me up. my other brother was fuming because he was lost in the other car trying to get to dinner. my father was complaining about me not spending enough time with the family, and he was being an ass to my mother, who planned the whole evening.. and being the dick that he is, he just screamed at her.

i went from holiness, Godly beauty and peace... to complete crap. i checked my watch. 756pm.

i can never seem to understand my family anymore. let's just say i have a very interesting family. as everyone does. my extended my family is even more of a riot. let's not go there. i just refuse to accept the way they are.. it makes me sad.. and actually full of pain and guilt every single time i see them for more than a meal.

1030pm my family make me laugh, and smile, and fume all in one evening. when i leave them.. they leave my mind. there's a kind of logic that some people have shared with me. if you don't have a strong relationship with your family, then you rely on your friends to become your family. it makes sense.. and i guess that is what i have done. i don't have a specific group of people that place above my family.. but if i was honest.. i place my fellowship as a whole above them. am i wrong? i am dedicated to 180.. but too much so? that i would place weekly meetings and prayer meetings over dinner with my family?

the biggest problem is that i'm ok with it.

for some.. family is the MOST important thing in their lives. i've met people like that.. i LIVE with people like that... but i guess for others like myself.. family is not the ones that brought you up, but the ones that i walk with today... now... tomorrow and yesterday.

spoiled comes to mind. disrespectful also. brat. ungrateful. whatever. this has been an issue that has been with me since college. i don't plan to tackle it anytime soon. in fact... i've accepted it as how it IS... i don't even pray about it.

this IS the longest blog ever.

1056pm. i guess god's watching.. or reading. i'm out of here. if you read this far tell me.. cuz you MUST get a new hobby. if you've taken THIS LONG to read any person's blog then you are amazing.

anyway... blessings for all... and PRAY for my team!!!!!!


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