so when bronchitis comes in and ruins my immune system... basically i'm in sick season with my pants down.... influenza comes in and decides that bronchitis is not enough. so for a full 3 days i was like snot man, headaches and cough and phlem and blah blah blah. i stay in bed at one point for 20 hours straight. woke up today with just enough strengh to tackle a full work day. i'm still very weak, clammy, slightly feverish.. but i'm thinking that i'll make the day. hopefully.

being sick makes one realise how vunerable a person can be. i was basically a mess for 2 straight days. my head pounded everytime i wanted to think. that meant i couldn't do anything... i couldn't watch TV, read, listent to music, go online... the only thing i could do at all was pray, and even that was cut short. all i know was that it sucked.

but atleast the weekend is here. will write more when my brain starts working again.


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