so dreams have been really really weird for me recently. this morning i was wiped out cuz a strong cup of coffee after 11pm made me watch TV and play on the puter till late. so found my alarms killing me this morning. it takes me a full 45 minutes of snooze button galore before i can actually bring myself out of bed. those 10 minute intervals.. those are the times where my dreams are most vivid to my memory, and sometimes the most crazy. this morning, however, was jsut weird.

4 times i dreamt the same dream. i dreamt i got out of bed, showered, got dressed, then left my room to go to work... then 'BEEP BEEP BEEP'. i press snooze again, and the SAME freaking thing happened. the only difference was what clothes i wore, but the process was the same. how weiiiiird.

anyways... for the longest time i picked up my daily devotional book.. and it was simply amazing. i started again yesterday after i began taking my own advice for once. the bookmark was freaking november something... it was weird. i moved it over to yesterday and God was speaking... more like screaming out me from those pages to something that i was praying about like last week... then this morning god answered my pray that has been on going from the weekend and reached a pinnacle last night before i crashed... God is so good..

oh and freaking after a stupid long break.. i'm dancing again... i'm back in training like twice a week.. and i'm looking to start performing again. it's been too long.. but i'll be back into dancing shape in a month if i really push it. not moving at all for months, then doing a routine.. it's like my mind could think it, but my body was 1.. almost 2 counts behind... IF i even GOT the counts... i'm more challenged... it made me want to go back.. which is VITAL...

oh.. in one week i'll be achieving one of my childhood dreams.... and that was to be on a white sand, clear blue sea beach... i didn't care where, nor did i care when... but next week i'll be on a plane to Cebu on a mission trip, BUT there will be time for R & R. hmmmmm can't wait.. more to come on that after this weekend.

so... here are my dreams that are on the top of my head, in no particular order:

get dreads
white sand beach w/clear blue sea (in one more week!)
be a dancer
back up dance for a some huge star, ah lah janet.. ya know?
help lead someone to christ
preach a sermon
get recorded onto a cd
own a computer
live on my own
write a book
work for the church full time

is YOUR list getting smaller?


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