so i was asked to play both at 180 (my fellowship) and church. in the same weekend. for me... playing djembe is an honor. i know that i'm not usually asked first to be on the worship band, since i'm not even the best percussionist... but it's so much fun for me. i love that feeling of being on the band... not because of being at the front of the service or anything like that... but it's a really good feeling of belonging to a team, that the worship band feels.

when i play... i sometimes have no idea what my hands are doing. no amount of practice can tame that. there are times when we play a set for god that we have these times where the band just plays, and it's a time for everyone in the room to just worship. it is ALWAYS during these times where i just flow, and beats and combos and crazy stuff just flows from me. as soon as we finish the set, i always try to reproduce the beat i did.. but normally i can't. it's strange..

a seemingly long time ago when i picked up the djembe, i decided that i didnt' want to play, i want to speak through it... i want to not worry about a beat, but worry about the feel, the flow... i wanted to just have a drum be an extension of me... and it's really getting there. i'm feeling it now... more and more... especially worship, cuz that's all i can do. it's been a lovely time learning HOW to play it.. but i dont want to play it anymore... i want to speak through it... and wonderfully enough i can. sort of...


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