happy new minute!
13 years of age. french class. jokers.. all of us. a table of about 6. double period... and all of our french together couldn't even ask where the bathroom was. so we side tracked, procrastinated, found better things to do than french.. anything but that. so i remember vividly that one day we played a game... not so much a game, but more of a spontaneous celebration. it was the euphoria of a new minute. we treated every new minutes as though it was like a new year. it escalated after each celebration, as the official counter feed his energy off of the silent screams of the previous minute. we would have a count down from 10, and we ripped up excercises to form make shift confettii. it was fun.

a decade later, i'm taller, fatter, bigger... yaddayadda... different. the sheer innocence of our actions back then make it something that's simply easy to pass off as a childish thing to do. but as i reflect on the 3rd day of this new year... i decided that i didnt' want to wait until next year before i start laying down changes that i'm going to strive for, aka resolutions. i'm going to return to my innocence, and celebrate this new minute. i dont mean this in a literal sense, but i want to live for this moment, this day... i'm not talking about forgetting tommorrow and live like a fool.. but i'm talking about celebrating this new day... and have a mindset that i have THIS new day to achieve what God wants me to. everyone uses the new YEAR as a beginning and end point.. but i want to now shift all that to celebrate ie be happy for this new day.

i know this sounds really weird.. but it was a simple memory that put things into a better perspective.. something that only a memory from french class when i was 13. sometimes, it is the simple things that make the most difference in our grown up and often complicated lives. i will strive to find what the Lord has for me NOW.

there are too many things to look forwards to. too many things that i focus on that haven't come to pass yet... if they do at. i dont want to blindly look forwards too much, and ignore the happenings of what this day has to offer... nor do i want to dwell so much on the past that i spend every day walking while staring backwards. my mistakes have molded me into me, that is now fact. tomorrow's outcome is only determined on what is done today. and what is chosen to be done today could only come to pass according to what was done from days gone by. a circle never ends, but never begins either. the only way to have a direction is break that circle. and so with this i lift my eyes up to a newer year, or in this case, a new day.

by the way, happy new minute.


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