coffee culture
so i was reading a mag last night while my friend was on my computer, and then i passed out... it must've been like 1030... i woke up in the middle of the night cuz he was mess'in with my stuff. i realized that i passed out cuz i was making too many visits, staying out way too late trying to accomodate others... i guess god wanted me to rest cuz i passed out like no other.

hours later, i woke up cuz the alarm was just being horrible to me. a phone call and a buring desire to visit the bathroom caused me to get outta bed. but it was inbetween the bathroom and shower that i decided to LIVE, to MAKE my day, and not just live according to whatever crap the day had for me.

so i instantly i woke up... amazing. changed quickly, something i never do, and was out the door super early. through a trail of events, i ended up in the central starbucks, which is not my usual way to work... but let's ignore that all and focus on the real reason for this blog.

there is mosdef a coffee culture. i used to think that there wasn't one.. i describe this as accute denial. so at 830am i was chilling on my caramel machiatto, people watching. i've, since my voice broke, always loved to watch people. i've always thought it to be a refined hobby. i've gotten good at it, as i honestly feel that you get better as keep observing... you pick up things faster, easier. so anyways, i notice how people are... people love to walk into a coffee shop and look important. i have no doubt that some are, but i have every right to believe that some of these people think rather highly of themselves. now i realise that i not only judged all these people based on how much force they used to open the door, or their time of eye contact to the really cute girl at the till, but for every person that walked into the cafe i gave them my 3.2 seconds before i placed them in a catagory.

suits and personal trainers dominated the demographic that frequented the 30 mintues i was there. so many different attitudes, i could've spent my entire day just asking simple questions and been blown away by the sheer differences of stories. people who are serious always seem to get there walet out before they order, as if the extra added minute to their travel time was vital for the earth to continue it's never changing spin. others chat with friends, as though 8am was the natural time to meet with friends before the trip to the jym. most people looked as though it was the final stop before the grinding it out in the cubicle.

i think i must've looked different... i had my huge wool hat on that showed weird hair coming out the back, with my 3/4 length jacket that i'm convinced is what Neo from the matrix would wear to a casual lunch.... the bible out and an african drum by my side... sat in the middle of the room... i wondered for a extended period of time that if i was someone else sitting in the corner of starbucks... what would i have thought? how much would i judge negatively my outter shell... what would my final feeling be? how sad that if someone where to judge just my physical being without even knowing the inside.

and like a brick to the face, it hit me. i was doing that all morning.

so i closed the bible, finished the coffee, got up and went to work.


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