i hate couples that totally suck face with each other some place within a viewable disctance of my being. granted i used to be like that... i never used to think about it cuz i used to be the one sucking face. now that the shoe is on the other foot... i've changed. my seemingly unending tenure as a single man makes me somewhat of a grouch. the last thing a couple is thinking of when they are together staring each other in the eye is how the lonely single dood in the corner is gonna feel if they spontanuosly decided to use their tounges to check the layer of plaque around the other person's molars.

and the cutsywootsy stuff needs to go too. if the man has eye crud, or whatever that stuff is that collects there when you sleep... ladies.. let the man get it out himself. i dont care how in love you are.. if the man has got 2 hands then he can wipe that stuff on his own. it was pretty gross cuz they both inspected it when she got a small chunk out. eww. and while you guys are reading... i think all people should put on lotion themselves... i almost projectile vomited the other day when this guy gave puppy eyes to his girl and feigned that he didnt' know to put the lotion on.. so she put it on his hands for him. while doing so they looked at each other with the weirdest look of just pure hello-kity kinda face. i had mental pictures of throwing myself out the backof the moving train i was on... as a better reality to what i was seeing before me. man.... it really made me want to ask him... do you need help wiping your ass too? next time you need picking butt cheese for your boxers are you gonna pull those same eyes on this girl? and i wanted to ask the girl.. do you like acting like a complete tool? if he said roll over would do it smiling?

moral of the story is if you have a room, use it. if not, save it for when you do. when you're in public, have a conversation.. talk about something.. just dont be grooming each other or trying to orally make babies in front of me.

deeeeeeeeep breath. 1-2-3.

much better. sorry for the vent... but i feel... alleviated.


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