so last night i had an up and down day. it was VERY interesting. couple things that pop out to be worthy of this blog. now.. it's not like when you live in a big city, you go everywhere... but you think you do. i grew up in Hong Kong.. i'm thinking that it's the formative years... HK is where my voice broke, and it's where i got broken in. so i've called this place home for like 14 years? that's a lot. for doing anything. that's why it was crazy to go to a place i've never been to. it was cool, cuz i just discovered a new place. i've now found a place if i want to escape the world as i know it... i would go here for solitude and beauty. let's just say that the company, coupled with the beautiful skyline, harbour, and ferry ride... it was wonderful. simply.

so back to the title. afterwards i bumped into a friend... her name was davina, and then she had a friend, tim. i dont believe in using codenames, and i have nothing to hide. anyways, davina, tim and i have been meaning to sit down and talk for a while. i was in a pretty crap mood after bible study, for whatever reason i have NO clue... but basically i wasn't willy wonka. we sat down, and i was totally praying that i could forget about my mood and just help tim.... or atleast guide the conversation somehow towards God. i dont remember what was said... but all i know is that i was saying stuff that i had no idea where it came from... i'm not saying i lied or anything like that... but it's more like i was pulling out relevant stories and stuff where i couldn't have planned it any better. i knew i was on track when tim started asking questions about christianity and he started sharing stuff. it was some time in midsentence that i totally remember saying praise you god for using me! weird...

basically, i'm now SO open to any and all those chances to talk with someone... i've been doing that for weeks now and i TOTALLY receive crazy blessings whenever i step out and just forget my own pride. it's been weird, but when i speak.. i really dont know what i'm saying.. cuz i really try my hardest to let God speak. even though i'm totally wiped out from every night sleeping past 2am.. it's been so overly rewarding.. and i know that taking that step is one that not many people have a heart to do. amazing... it's just been much to much fun serving God these days.


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