dont you ever get tired of people?
merry christmas everyone.

christmas is just too easy to feel alone. too easy to feel surrounded by people yet have no one there. that's why this year i've done what i could to make sure i wasn't in that situation. but it doesn't mean that it doesn't still exist. last year i spent all the days prior to christmas getting ready for Tom's wedding... so i wasnt' really prepared for the birth of christ...back then being the first christmas in my christian life. this year, i treated it like it was my first, and i tried my hardest to run around and meet as many people as i could and do as many things as i could. i did just that... and while feeling the most fatigued i've felt in the whole year, it was worth it. not that this is going to be a run down of my schedule, i had a chance to be with 4 different familes for 4 meals, while also feeling the love at church and just being able to dance the best hip hop routine i've done since coming to HK... it was the best christmas ever and it ran for 22 hours straight.

i look to the new year while turned the other way. reflection is what i find myself in.. as a state of mind. i have so many things that i am thankful for it's ridiculous. can a person even wonder how blessed they are? trust me, i look back on my year and wonder if it can get any better. i have taken every bad thing and accepted that it was God that allowed it to not only happen, but He also turned it into something wonderful.

over dinner last night with a small select group of friends, one person asked me what signifacnt things have happened in the last months. i shared that people have been highlight and my greatest blessing, in that time frame and probably the whole year. i've begun to really place people high on my priorities... i was sharing and then all of a sudden i was saying all this stuff about what i have been doing... the things i said surprised me, because i haven't really thought too much about it all, and this was certainly the first time i voiced it. i realised that i do have a gift of speaking to people one after another, and it doesn't tire me at all... in fact, i receive blessings just by talking to people. i found that to be something that many people can not do. i find the energy to run around the whole of Hong Kong just to spend an hour talking about God to someone whom i dont ever their last name. i have decided that i'm not a preacher, or a teacher... but i do understand that i have shepherd attributes, and the heart to see people grow... and that was the biggest blessing from God to see this year... that i am growing into a new role as a christian, and that i could see how God was preparing me for the step from years back... i could trace the things that added so much to today... and that's why i give so much thanks this christmas season..

i observe the birth of christ once a year, but it is something that celebrate every day.


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