have you ever met someone who makes you dream? last month i would have said no, i haven't. many people would say, depends on what you mean by 'dream'... to anyone who asked that question, then i would say you most definitely have not met that person yet.

i recently met someone who makes me dream. not only dream, but makes me feel like i can reach my dreams, if only i thought outside of the box. if only i would try and go after them. i've always had dreams... but everyone at every stage of my life has told me to basically get a job, grind it out, settle down, grow up.... the more i live this life the more i feel that God should have more for me. i used a peice of advice that my old pastor shared with me... and that was sometimes when Jesus sets us free when we become christian, we are so used to being trapped that we wont walk in that freedom. the picture given was that a bird was in a cage for most of it's life. one day a person takes the cage away, but the bird doesn't leave. i gave that line to this particular person to help her deal with certain issues in her life... but the she just threw it back at me... and i was stunned into following where my mind's eye went.

why don't i leave my cage?

i'm not saying i'm going to quit my job tomorrow and just go where ever God leads me... but if i had dreams... if i HAVE dreams, then why should i stop chasing them? it took a little bit of my own medicine to really wake up...my question to anyone reading this is: What are your dreams? and if you aren't chasing them...

why not?


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