i don't like money. i dont like people who have money and show it off. i dont like going to places where people just have load of money. i dont know if it's a jealousy thing, or maybe just the fact that i have money.. but all i know is that it bothers me.

so just now i returned from a family dinner, as it is their anniversary and we celebrated with some random people at this high-end shanghainess place. ohhhhhhhh. yeah.. whatever. anyways, i just really cringe when people of that kind of attitude and midset get together. all they talk is money and what it does for them.. and yadda yadda yadda. it just really is sad that people sometimes can not talk about anything other than money.

it'll be a curse and a blessing that i will never be rich. i honestly have too much a heart to give my money and all that away. i'm so not the money seeping type of person. if i ever become like that.. shoot me.


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