dreams (again)
dreaming has been a thing of just that... dreams. but why can't we attain them.. or is it by very definition that draems can not be attainable, just targets. for many of us, we have our dreams trampled young, and settle. for others, dreams are always with them, as a reminder of youth. yet again for others, dreams are just something that drives them to complete this day in hope that tomrrow is one step closer. however, there are a select few who attain their dreams. why can't i be one of those people. i now dare to to dream. i dare myself to pray for my dreams, and i dare myself to seek what made me look into my own future when i was young and smile because of where my minds eye took me... i have dreamed, and here i will share:

culinary school
professional dancer
professional fashion buyer
freelance graphic designer
work for the church/be a pastor
swim with dolphins
live in tibet for a summer
work/open a cafe
work for a professinal basketball team

there's more.. but i'm so caught up in being a 9-5 lame-boy that my dreams are not in the back of my mind... in fact, i dont even remember when the last time i even thought about what my dreams were. i have a list, and i'm going to do what i can to attain them. dreaming is the first part... but going afterthose dreams... that's where the fun begins.... or the pain...
God, please help me to live out the life in which i COULD live for you. I pray to not settle in this life that you have laid before me, but to strive for the life of fullness which you want for me. if this is your will that i stay here, then please change my heart to love my surroundings and completely accept them as yours. if it is your will that i fly to where my dreams have shown me, prepare my heart and soul for the trip ahead. let me not fear, beacuse you are with me, and you are my hope.

and if i have hope, i have everything.

thank you Lord,



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