so i was listening to new cd and the words from this track struck me and wouldn't leave my brain.

today is what you make it.

now.. i'm thinking that's we've all heard this saying... but i just realised that it's SO true. this day is exactly what i make it. i spent almost 40 minutes fighting myself to wake up. last night i was in bar catching up with an old friend and just yapping over drinks... something that the more i do the more i realize that i LOVE just talking over home rather late... felt a little rough... i almost picked up the phone to call in tired, or late.. but then something kicked in... no joke.. i started to pray.. something that i'm getting more into the habbit of.. pray as soon as i open my eyes.. because if God doesn't intervene, i'll never get my butt outta bed.

anyways, i showered and pampered my fading dreads.... dressed and walked out the door... somewhere between the train and the office, the words hit me.. and i smiled.. because even though it was a revelation of the moment, i realise that i've been living my days as i make them. i dont care if i'm broke, tired, down or whatever... i still MAKE my day. well.. more spefically GOD makes my and i CHOOSE to live it.

people sometimes, for whatever reason, get into bad moods and then stay in that mood. i always choose to get out of that mood. details everyday change, yet you have the same choice when your eyes open in the morning... do i let the day dictate how i live it? no. absolutely not. i will dictate how the day is by how i choose to live it.


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