december is just turning out to be ONE CRAZY month. how many ups and downs can one month have??? sheesh.. so many mixed things... i'm getting chances to encourage them to meet with god one night, then the next i get chewed out my a friend, then the next someone is telling me that i see god working throuhg.... there's never a boring week if you just let God lead... that's SO the truth. last night went out for the first time in months... drank a little too much staying out alittle too late for a young christian man.. but get this... random friend of a friend of a friend.... i get talking to at a bar.... 3am ish... i share my testimony of how i became christian... she was actually very into the story and said that she would come and try church out... i was like yeah right... like you're gonna wake up to go to church after partying till the early morning...

sure enough.. at 950am.. she turns up. how amazing is God? meeting some random girl in a bar (sounds SOOO bad...), sharing testimony... and then having her respond? that is totally nuts. Jesus get's all the points for that one... cuz didn't do anything but tell her a story.... amen... more to come... but that's more than enough for now.


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