I think that everyone has times when you are where you want to be. I’m talking physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially…. Well last night for a split second I was exactly where I wanted to be… the details are less important than the fact that I can count the number of times I’ve ever felt like that on one hand… let’s narrow that down to one finger.

So how come it’s such a surpring thing to be happy? Actually… not even happy but content. Seriously… I was just yapping away in a bar with a friend, sharing notes on life, the signinficant stories that help mold out our personalities… and for some reason this happens so little in my life that I really felt that I was missing out on something signinfcant… such a simple idea… of sittig down and chatting with someone over a drink… I can’t believe that even a full day later it has me thinking that I’m in need of more… trust me, café’s and church… have a general feeling.. but I dunno… sadly I miss that…

So I took that good talk home and realized that it’s relaly all it takes to outreach to friends who don’t really jesus… so this blog has no real substance.. but I think that I accurately reflected what’s going on in my own brain… wanna know more?

“let’s get a drink and yap our faces off?”


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